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Thank you for visiting my book page. You can purchase all of my books on my Amazon Author page: https://www.amazon.com/Doug-Dickerson/e/B00IZ0X248


Front Cover_Leaders Without Borders

Leaders  Without Borders: 9 Essentials for Everyday Leaders – Whether you are the CEO of your business or serve elsewhere in the organizational structure, the boundaries of your leadership are limitless if you are devoted to developing your personal leadership skills. Leaders Without Borders will help you embrace the challenge of personal leadership in order to expand your influence. In order to reach your potential as a leader, you will also be inspired to not only embrace your passion but to identify it. Finding your one thing – your passion- as a leader- is life-transforming. Leaders Without Borders will provide answers to help you in the discovery process of understanding what your passion is.

Mark Sanborn, noted leadership speaker and bestselling author of The Fred Factor writes, “I rarely like easy answers because they’re unrealistic. I do, however, like books that challenge a leader’s thinking and provide him or her with new insights that prompt action. This book by Doug Dickerson is that kind of book.” The nine essentials from the book are: passion, priorities, optimism, teamwork, attitude, authenticity, authenticity, loyalty, kindness and legacy.

* “Leaders Without Borders” makes a great selection for your corporate reading program.

*Doug is available to present the Leaders Without Borders workshop for your organization. The workshop is highly interactive and is Doug’s signature presentation. To learn more click on the “Speaking Services” tab at the top of the page. 



Great Leaders Wanted! In this second book, Doug will answer the questions you have about leadership, building a great team, and achieving your best at your job, for your business, and in your community. The world wants leaders. It needs leaders. That could be you. Explore your full potential and become the leader that you want to be- and that your company, business, and community need you to be!

Writing in the foreword, Don Hutson, CEO of U.S. Learning writes, “In Great Leaders Wanted!, Doug Dickerson provides 56 short but potent chapters of wisdom and reflection that will help all of us regardless of where we may be in life’s journey or our current position in our leadership hierarchy…wherever you are on the leadership spectrum, Doug Dickerson’s book has something to offer you.”



Leadership By The Numbers is my new book release exclusively with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing!

In Leadership By The Numbers, you will learn ten powerful leadership lessons to help you grow as a more effective leader. Do you know how to handle your critics? What are the some of the most important habits of kind leaders? How do you map your future as a leader? In this new release, I share my insights and answer these questions and more!

In Leadership By The Numbers, it all adds up to one thing – adding value and helping you grow as a leader.

You can download the book now at Amazon for just $3.99! Click on the link and make your purchase today!


It Only Takes a Minute: Daily Inspiration for Leaders on the Move

One leadership principle I have learned over the years is quite simple: leaders are readers! In my new book, It Only Takes a Minute, I take you on a 365-day leadership journey.

Each day begins with a quote from a current or past leadership thinker, sports figure, actor, minister, political figure, etc. followed by an inspirational leadership thought by me.

Leaders are busy people – I get it. In this daily reader, you will be challenged in your leadership thinking and prodded to grow each day. As the title suggests, It Only Takes a Minute!




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