Leadership in Education Initiative


The Leadership in Education Initiative is a community outreach service of Management Moment Leadership Services.

The purpose of the Leadership in Education Initiative is to partner with businesses to provide copies of the book, Leaders Without Borders: 9 Essentials for Everyday Leaders, to schools for the teachers (Click on the tab at the top of the page “Order Doug’s Books” to read the full book review).

Your partnership with Management Moment Leadership Services is but a small act of appreciation to our unsung heroes of the classroom and an opportunity to provide a meaningful resource that will encourage, inspire, and strengthen them as invaluable leaders in the classroom. It serves as an acknowledgment of your appreciation for their service to your community. Over the past few years we have distributed hundreds copies to teachers in local schools.  

With your partnership is the opportunity to insert advertising of your choosing to be placed inside each book so that each teacher knows of your generous donation and will remember your generosity in the future.


Above -Presenting the principal of Stratford High School a copy of Leaders With Borders for his teachers and staff thanks to a generous partnership from a local business.



Above – Doug is shown here presenting a copy of Leaders Without Borders to Dr. Morris Ravenell the principal of a local elementary school. Thanks to a business sponsor all of his teachers and staff received a copy!

Will you join us in this worthy cause to help our teachers and students? If your business would like to work with us in our Leadership in Education Initiative to sponsor a school in your area then email Doug at managementmoment@gmail.com or call 843.509.5104

Thank you for your generous support!



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