Employee Engagement Workshop: Building a Culture of Significance


Employee Engagement: Building a Culture of Significance

A Gallup Business Journal survey not long ago reported that only 30% of U.S. employees and 13% worldwide, are engaged, over the past 12 years those low numbers have barely budged.

Getting your employees engaged and building a corporate culture that thrives can be a challenge.

In this new workshop presentation noted leadership author and speaker Doug Dickerson will guide you through four interactive sessions that will help you turn things around in your organization.

Seminar Sessions include:

“Why Do the Good Ones Leave?” – In this presentation Doug identifies the consequences of poor leadership in your organization and the tipping points in which good employees decide to leave.

Six Reasons Why Employees Don’t Believe a Word You Say” – In this presentation Doug reveals six why your employees are tuning you out and how your actions as a leader sets the tone for employee engagement.

“The Five C’s of Employee Engagement” – In this session you will learn how employee engagement is not a management skill but rather a leadership skill. Employee engagement begins with relationships and grows from there. These 5 C’s will put you on the path to greater fulfillment and greater employee engagement.

“Relationships: The Fuel of Your Company Culture” – In the final presentation Doug reveals how building a strong organizational culture begins with solid relationships. It’s that simple, yet it’s that hard. In this session you will learn how to find common ground and seize the opportunity before you.

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