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Front Cover_Leaders Without Borders The Leaders Without Borders Coaching Program

After more than thirty years in leadership positions, I am pleased to announce to you an opportunity for one-on-one leadership training and coaching for you and your team.

Taken from the pages of my book Leaders Without Borders: 9 Essentials for Everyday Leaders, (Foreword by Mark Sanborn) I bring home the leadership skills you need to move forward.

Here are two realities you are up against:

  • A recent Gallop Business Journal survey not long ago reported that only 30% of U.S. employees (and 13% worldwide), are engaged. Getting your employees engaged and building a corporate culture that thrives can be a challenge. How do you think that type of engagement impacts your place of business? How different would things look if that number increased for you?
  • Writing in the Harvard Business Review, John Zenger, CEO of the Zenger/Folkman leadership development consultancy reports that the average age of supervisors receiving any type of leadership training was 42. More than half were between 36 and 49. Less than 10% were under 30; less than 5% were under 27. Think about that for a moment. If they are not entering leadership training programs until they are 43, they are getting no leadership training at all as supervisors. And they are operating within that company untrained, on average, for over a decade.

But what is a leader like you to do? Your obstacles to this dilemma are two-fold – time and money. Where do you find the time to send your team members to get the training they need? While the desire may be there, often time the resources you need are not. Conferences can be pricey once you factor in registration fees, travel, hotels, and lost productivity being away from work. Many well-meaning leaders like yourself who would like to empower their employees don’t have the access to leadership training that can help because of these two factors—but, help is on the way!

My book, Leaders Without Borders: 9 Essentials for Everyday Leaders, serves as the textbook for the 9-week leadership training course you need. The nine chapters address foundational leadership principles that will enrich and awaken the leadership skills that can empower your people both personally and professionally. The nine leadership principles outlined in the book are: passion, priorities, optimism, teamwork, attitude, authenticity, loyalty, kindness, and legacy.

Here is how it works:

*Upon enrolling, participants will receive a copy of the book. Participants will be assigned one chapter per week to read and will be emailed a set of corresponding questions and reflections to complete.

*Participants will have a one-hour session with me each week live via Google Hangout where I will serve as their personal leadership coach to discuss their assignments and develop their skills.

Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate and a copy of my latest book, It Only Takes a Minute: Daily Inspiration for Leaders on the Move, a daily motivational leadership read for the entire year.

As stated before, workshops and conferences can be expensive. My desire is to make leadership training not only effective and empowering but affordable. My desire is to awaken your leadership skills and close the engagement gap within your organization.

The leadership training you desire for your team members coupled with the convenience of not having to travel off-site, and equipping your team and raising up leaders is now within your reach!

Email me today at: or call  843.509.5104

  • This is but one option for one-on-one leadership coaching. I can work with you to design a customized leadership coaching track other than the one detailed above.