Discovering Your ‘One Thing’: Why Passion Matters to You as a Leader

Embracing the challenge of personal leadership is the beginning of expanding your sphere of influence as a leader. Whether you are the CEO of your business or serve elsewhere in the organizational structure, one thing is for sure: the boundaries of your leadership are limitless if you are devoted to developing your personal leadership skills.

In his book, Halftime: Change Your Game Plan from Success to Significance, Bob Buford writes, Most people never discover their one thing.’ But part of what is so unsettling about approaching the end of the first half of our lives is that we know it’s out there somewhere.”

Finding your one thing-your passion as a leader-is life transforming. As Buford says, “It is discovering what’s true about yourself, rather than overlaying someone else’s truth on you or injecting someone else’s goals onto your personality.”

Have you discovered your one thing? Each one of us have unique gifts, talents, and God-given abilities that the world needs.

Here are three simple questions you can answer that will help bring that discovery into focus:

  • What tugs at my heart? – In leadership, what tugs are your heart is likely an area in which you are going to be effective. Your passion as a leader is developed by what moves you at your core.
  • What is my gift? – Often time what tugs at your heart is an area in which you have natural gifts and talents waiting to be used. When you discover what tugs at your heart and blend it with you gift(s) you will excel as a leader.
  • What is my purpose? – Discovering your purpose leads to a life-mission; a course of action that transcends any title or position.

Discovering your passion is essential to your leadership. It is essential to understanding why you are here. Your plan and purpose is larger than you. Find your passion – find your life’s purpose!


*This post is an excerpt from my book: Leaders Without Borders: Nine Essentials for Everyday Leaders – Chapter One: Passion

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I am Certified Leadership Trainer, author, columnist, and speaker. Husband to Alicia, father to Katelyn and Kara, and "Pop" to terrific grandson Tyson. I am an avid photographer, love the outdoors, and like to travel. I'm passionate about sharing my leadership insights and helping people reach their full potential.
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