Five Essential Attitudes for Everyday Leaders with guest co-author Cynthia Bazin


You cannot tailor-make the situations in life but you can tailor-make the attitudes to fit those situations. – Zig Ziglar

A story is told of how both the hummingbird and the vulture fly over our nation’s deserts.  What they look for is very different. Vultures only look for and go after dead animals; focusing on what was; the past.  On the flip side, hummingbirds look for the colorful blossoms of desert plants. The hummingbird fills themselves with freshness and seek new life.

It has been our observation over the years that in many ways we are the products of our attitudes. To be sure, none of us are immune from external circumstances that challenge us at times to keep it positive.

If you were to inventory the attitudes of successful people what attitudes do you think would be on the list? It would be a lengthy one, right? Here is our list of some of the top attitudes that we believe if embraced  each day will give you the advantage you need to be successful.

The attitude of courage  

Study the life of most any leader regardless of background and you will surely find this common thread of courage. If you wait until conditions are just right to act and go for your dreams or goals you will be waiting a long time. Courage is essential to success. You are stronger than the fear you might have inside of you.  If others can do it, you can do it. So step out of your comfort zone and be the courageous leader that you want to be. Break through your fears because success is on the other side.

The attitude of optimism  

Optimism is the fuel of your success. Setbacks and failures will be reminders on your road to success that any great thing worth achieving will be a challenge. The temptation will be to throw in the towel, but the attitude that sets you apart is optimism. What you put your mind to is where you will put action to. Being positive and optimistic will attract more of that into your leadership and in life in general.

The attitude of resilience

Not every day is going to be a perfect day. But true leaders are the ones that shine when the going gets tough. They take responsibility when things go wrong and bounce back to being an even better leader from what they’ve learned. A resilient attitude builds character and is a reminder that your life in leadership is marathon; not a 50-yard dash. Successful leaders are resilient and thus not easily thrown off their game.

The attitude of curiosity

A true leader is never done learning and growing. They are thirsty for new knowledge and are eager to find ways to do things better and smarter. They not only invest in themselves but tap into the greatness of their team. The collective power of curiosity is a game-changer and when its energy is harnessed in meaningful ways it can propel any organization to the next level. Never cease to have a child-like curiosity so you can see the world around you with fresh eyes.

The attitude of gratitude

Great leaders always remember where they came from. It is an inherent characteristic that keeps them grounded and gives them moral clarity. They understand that each day is a gift. In addition, they know they are only as good as their team and they show appreciation every day. They are grateful for the opportunity to serve their people and are not ashamed to show it.

Which of the attitudes described above do you believe are most important in leaders?  What resonates most with you and do you have any additional attitudes to add to our list?  We’d love to hear from you!

© 2015 Doug Dickerson and Cynthia Bazin


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* Cynthia Bazin is a motivational speaker, co-author, expert writer and mentor that focuses on giving people clarity in their personal and professional life with laser-focused strategies. She has over 20 years in leadership and is the President of SmartChic. To learn more, visit



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I am Certified Leadership Trainer, author, columnist, and speaker. Husband to Alicia, father to Katelyn and Kara, and "Pop" to terrific grandson Tyson. I am an avid photographer, love the outdoors, and like to travel. I'm passionate about sharing my leadership insights and helping people reach their full potential.
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5 Responses to Five Essential Attitudes for Everyday Leaders with guest co-author Cynthia Bazin

  1. lizstincelli says:

    I love these attitudes for everyday leaders, Cynthia and Doug. The key word here is “Everyday” leaders. That includes each and every one of us. Whether or not we hold a formal position of authority, we are all leaders in our homes, our communities, our circle of friends, and anywhere else we have the ability to influence others. Without COURAGE we would stagnate. OPTIMISM keeps us going when times get tough. RESILIENCE give us the ability to pick ourselves back up when we fall. CURIOSITY keeps our passion alive and burning. And, GRATITUDE reminds us how much we have to be thankful for and how far we have come.

    Thank you both for a fantastic post.


  2. I love your perspectives on leadership and you are so right Cynthia Bazin and Doug Dickerson, in all you’ve written. Attitude is the one thing we can control and it’s also the most substantial game changer. When I think of attitude in the 5 perspectives you mention here, I favor the attitude of optimism. It just seems to me that if we seek something good in every day, we will never allow defeat and discouragement to be our ruler.


  3. Pam Davis says:

    I have always wondered about “choosing” attitudes. I certainly believe in the incredible power of choice, and perhaps no power is greater than choosing “empowering” attitudes. But I’ve always been a little uncertain about how, exactly, one “chooses” one’s attitude. I don’t believe anyone WANTS to “choose” a bad attitude, and “choosing” a good attitude is not like tuning in a radio station: “I think I’ll choose to be upbeat and cheery today.” It’s a lot deeper than that. So, when circumstances and situations are challenging, either suddenly or a slow grind, as we all encounter from time to time, I wonder how, exactly, one “chooses” to be positive and courageous, when we don’t FEEL that way. Faking a great attitude, even if we WANT that attitude, may do more harm to ourselves than good. So… how does one balance honest assessment of one’s circumstances and its impact on themselves, while at the same time keeping (or obtaining) a positive, courageous attitude? I’m really not sure, and… (grin!)… it takes me some courage to acknowledge that I don’t have this answer, and I try to remain strong and upbeat while I struggle to figure this out. Your perspective and insight is welcome to this long-contemplated puzzle.


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