Leadership Minute: Enjoy the Journey


The simple fact is that if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and the people with whom you’re doing it, then there is no possible way that you are ever going to do it as well as something that you do enjoy – Richard Branson

Do you enjoy what you do and the people you do it with? That is a rather sobering question but one of necessity for a leader who wants to achieve any level of success. If you don’t enjoy what you do then you don’t need me to tell you that you won’t do it as well as something you do like. One of the reasons why you enjoy doing what you do is because of the people you have surrounded yourself with. When you enjoy the company you keep you can build camaraderie that will project you to a higher level of performance. When the chemistry is right then you can excel. Not everyone can take the leadership journey with you nor should they. But regardless of who comes or goes; make sure you stay true to your your passions and what you love to do. Life is too short to settle for anything less.


About dougdickerson

I am Certified Leadership Trainer, author, columnist, and speaker. Husband to Alicia, father to Katelyn and Kara, and "Pop" to terrific grandson Tyson. I am an avid photographer, love the outdoors, and like to travel. I'm passionate about sharing my leadership insights and helping people reach their full potential.
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